LUNA Collection Super Wide sofa

Creating beautiful products we want to own ourselves is a key driver for all our Derventio furniture designs.

Our passion for quality and attention to detail means we craft the finest products possible, ensuring absolute consistency and understanding for high quality workmanship, whilst achieving subtle and dynamic forms with meaning and purpose. During manufacture these elements are never spoken about or promoted as an extra method, because we see this to be ‘standard’ to our process. It is simply the way Derventio manufacture.

By combining traditional materials and craftsmanship with modern components and contemporary design we produce items with a timeless and unique quality. The technicians for Derventio are true craftsmen, as their commitment and attention to the ‘product’ is unquestionably what makes our seating stand out from the mass of furniture available within the market today. Whilst this remains ‘production’, the working philosophy remains closer to a greatly more efficient and productive form of craft.

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