Nicholas Waters

LUNA Designer

Nicholas Waters

Born in Bakewell, Derbyshire, England into a family whose traditions in Architecture, Engineering and Design took them around the world to Africa, India, Hong Kong, and Mainland Europe

Since graduating in design from Norwich University College of the Arts in 1995 Nicholas has explored many areas of design, interaction and visual communication. Working in Britain, Europe and America, creating projects for clients such as Glaxsosmithkline, Unilever, Manchester Airports Group, and Bombardier Transportation.

“We have to be careful and remember who our audience are. Designing for designers often results in work that doesn’t connect with the real audience.
Blindly following trends and process-led design can divert away from the needs of the user. A keen sense of  balance between the needs of the end customer and the constraints of efficient production methods will create products that connect with people and places. “

“For the design of LUNA our primary concern is comfort, and the design leads from that central idea. The look of crisp, clean lines give way to soft elegant curves, inviting nest-like seat and comfy cushions, combined with the tactile textures of the fabric and weave allow the user to enjoy the furniture both visually and through touch.”

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