Luna Collection ConstructionHand crafted with an eye for detail

Our frames are produced from recyclable materials using either high quality aluminium or galvanised steel depending on design constraints. The use of these metals adds the benefits of high strength and light weight to the designs. After construction, the frames go through a finishing process before the the weave is applied highly skilled craftsmen.

Raucord has an exceptional range of properties; durable, weatherproof, colourfast and environmentally friendly.

Striking to the eye and touch Raucord is strong yet supple enough to be woven into beautiful delicate forms, enabling curves and lines only achievable by the hands of some of the world’s most skilled weavers.

The Luna Collection is complemented by a vivid cluster of comfortable upholstered cushions and pads. Crafted to the highest standards using quality materials the final selection of fabrics and choice colour ways gives you the opportunity to add your own mark onto the LUNA range.

Exercise your choice with our range of fabrics.